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Young Professionals

Young Professionals Community

The Young Professional Community of Internal auditors (“The YPC”) in Luxembourg was launched in June 2016. Its mission is to inspire, inform and support the Luxembourgish community of young professionals, supporting and promoting internal audit and related innovative practices.


Why you should join the Community:

  • Build a network of young professionals who can support you;

  • Get insights on the most innovative approaches in internal audit;

  • Participate to events that gather your peer internal auditors;

  • Attend conferences facilitated by recognised professionals;

  • Get targeted training that support your professional development;

  • Find support toward your CIA certification.


Want to join? Contact us

What we do?



  • Support Young Professionals by providing adapted conferences

  • Share knowledge and experience with peer internal auditors

  • Promote innovation within internal audit practice

  • Raise the profile and awareness of Young Professionals



  • Prepare content that young professionals will find interesting and useful

  • Provide platforms and opportunities for young professionals to build their personal network

  • Organize relevant events that would allow young professionals to develop their network

Target Audience


  • Young Professionals below 35 years old (but not only)

  • Members of the IIA (or not yet)

  • Internal auditors willing to share experience and knowledge, as well as developing their network

Recent Initiatives

  • articipated to the national and European gamified learning system

  • Organised a number of free events for young professionals

  • Prepared European events gathering Young professionals from the UK, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, etc

Past events

The IIA YPC Luxembourg regularly organises events for young professionals.

Past events are as follows:

  • 27/06: Unlocking the Power of AI in Internal Audit: Driving Efficiency and Risk Mitigation

  • February 2023:  general YPC event

To get access to the materials, please get in touch: Contact us

The YPC is led by 2 active members:

Hering, Tanja_HD_01.jpg

Tanja Hering, CIA

Senior Manager - Risk Advisory

at Deloitte Luxembourg

“The YPC is a great place to meet fellow young internal auditors from Luxembourg and beyond, and provides a dynamic platform to exchange ideas and experiences, and to facilitate discussions on how to address challenges faced by young professionals”

De VitoS_3617.jpg

Stefano De Vito, CIA

Internal Auditor at

Quintet Private Bank

“The YPC journey helped me to growth both professionally and personally, to develop strong relationships within the Internal Audit community in and outside Luxembourg, and to turn ideas into projects relevant to my peers”

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