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Dr. Ursula Schmidt

Independent Internal Audit & Compliance consultant, Schmidt Advisory 

Dr. Ursula Schmidt is former Executive Vice President in Audit & Compliance for RTL Group, having led for several years the Internal Audit and Compliance practice. Together with her team, she investigated compliance cases and ran a multitude of audit projects worldwide. She has also served as Secretary to the RTL Group´s Audit Committee. Previously, Ursula held senior positions in strategy and controlling at RTL Group and served as chairman of the audit committee of Channel Five in the UK. After having helped operations in 30+ countries in setting up compliance frameworks and internal controls, risk management and anti-fraud processes, Ursula Schmidt started working on freelance basis to share her broad experience in Controls, Audit and Compliance with her clients internationally. Ursula is Board member of the IIA Luxembourg and serves as independent non-executive director on several boards in Luxembourg. Ursula holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Nuremberg, is Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional – International (CCEP-Int.) and is a Certified Director and Certified Financial Expert at Deutsche Börse. 

Concurrent session 3.1 : "Panel Audit Committee"

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