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Date : 24 May 2024

Timing : 9:00 - 16:00 (30 min lunch break)

Language : English

CPE Points : 7

Deadline to register : 13 May 2024

Instructor : John Chesshire

Online Training


Auditing ESG - Environment, Social, Governance: A strategic overview


The ECIIA’s Risk In Focus 2024 survey has once again highlighted ESG as a key area of concern for increasing numbers of CAEs across Europe, whatever size, sector or scale of internal audit team. Join us on this course to gain a focused overview of ESG, with each element broken down into key, topical areas of interest, risk and audit activity. As an extra bonus, we’ve updated this course again for 2024.

Do you want to stay ahead of the game and hear more about the topical issues covered by ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance? This will help you better meet your stakeholders current and future assurance needs.

Our key stakeholders require internal audit engagements that are insightful, forward looking, and go beyond simply preserving value to creating value for our organisations. This course will show you where you can begin to provide effective, professional internal audit assurance on these critical subjects, enabling you to deliver well-received engagements that deliver the insight our boards need.

Businesses that drag their feet on sustainability are jeopardising their futures. The third line therefore has an opportunity to cement its standing and demonstrate its value by “joining the dots” on this risk. Internal audit can assess what exactly it is that the company is doing to ensure its longevity by aligning its mission, values, and strategy with the rising sustainability agenda, then flag any gaps between the company's ambitions and what it is doing in practice to fulfil those ambitions.


Who should attend?

This course is designed for chief audit executives, internal audit managers, senior internal auditors and internal auditors involved in planning and delivering assurance engagements in these topical areas. It is also suitable for other professionals in the second line who are interested in finding out more about these subjects.


Course Programme



A focused overview of topical environmental issues, including:

  • climate change
  • waste and pollution
  • resource depletion
  • greenhouse gas emission
  • deforestation



A focused overview of topical social issues, including:

  • employee engagement
  • employee relations and diversity
  • working conditions
  • local communities
  • health, safety, and well-being



A focused overview of topical social issues, including:

  • key governance challenges
  • board diversity and structure
  • executive remuneration
  • fraud, bribery, and corruption


We will consider objectives and risks – both threats and opportunities and the Board’s assurance needs in each of these areas.

The course includes facilitator input, topical examples, short practical discussions and exercises to reinforce the learning and build upon your existing knowledge.


IIA CPE competency areas covered

Performance (Organizational governance)

Performance (Engagement planning)

Environment (Social responsibility and sustainability)


John Chesshire, CFIIA, QIAL, CRMA, CIA, CISA, has over 24 years' experience working in the internal audit, risk management, business improvement and governance fields. John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute in the UK, an Independent Internal Audit Committee Chair, and was Chief Assurance Officer for the States of Guernsey until the start of 2021. He has delivered many well-received courses to IIA Luxembourg in the past, as well as to many other European Institutes of Internal Auditors.

His other recent clients include FTSE listed companies, multinationals, central and local government, law enforcement, charities, professional services companies, and international organisations such as NATO, the OECD, and UN Agencies. He is a principal examiner for the Institute of Risk Management and has been a visiting lecturer in the Governance and Assurance Hub at Birmingham City University.

He loves internal audit, is a great friend of IIA Luxembourg and particularly enjoys working in new and emerging areas of assurance interest.


Auditing ESG - Environment, Social, Governance: A strategic overview

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