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European Audit Championship | Audit Grand Slam Tour 2023


10 - 24 November

Kick-off Friday 10th November 2023


Concise Overview | Be part of this unique Internal Audit movement!

  • Start right here and get access to 14 Gamified Audit Trainings, 35 CPE for 195,- Euro incl. 2 Ethics CPE

  • This also includes your starter ticket at the Audit Grand Slam Tournament for European Audit Championship

  • The Gamified Trainings are available in up to 15 languages, min. ES, EN, FR and DE.



What is driving the Audit Grand Slam Tour?

  • On each continent, there is a Grand Slam tournament for internal auditors with an individual Serious Business Game training topic. Here for the European Audit Championship, it’s “Fit for IT-Audit for Business Auditors”

  • At each Audit Grand Slam Tournament, you can collect points for the worldwide Top 100 Internal Audit Ranking. The Top 20 ranked internal audit participants as well as the Top 10 audit teams will each receive ranking points for the Grand Final at the Global Audit Championship.

  • Seven Audit Grand Slam tournaments are planned in: Asia & Pacific, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America. You can earn ranking points at each of the tournaments.

  • The most successful in the Top 100 Internal Audit Ranking list will then receive an invitation to the annual Internal Audit World Cup: The Global Audit Championship.


How can I start?

  • Register 1-3 participants directly here on the website and pay by credit card. Then you will receive your access to our digital training platform within 48h.

  • As a corporate customer, possibly with multiple employees, we ask you to fill out the application form below. Afterwards you will receive an invoice from us, which you can settle via your company's accounting process.

  • In both cases, you will receive a confirmation email from our Customer Success Team.

  • Within 48 hours of receipt of payment, we will activate your training account and you can get started immediately.



How does it work with the participation?

  • Anyone can participate in any of the open Audit Grand Slam tournaments worldwide.

  • You can participate as a single Internal Auditor or

  • Register as a team of 3 participants. If you register with a team, you will automatically participate in the individual and team rankings.

  • Each participant gets access to 35 CPE with 14 Gamified Trainings plus the respective individual Audit Grand Slam Tournament Training.



How is that with the execution of the individual Audit Grand Slam Tournament?

  • The 14 Gamified trainings, which are already included with the respective Audit Grand Slam Tournament ticket, you can start immediately and receive your CPE certificate every month. The training courses can be used for a period of 12 months.

  • The execution of the respective continental tournament takes place over a fixed period of two weeks.

  • An important aspect is that you can participate at any time during these two weeks via any end-user device (mobile phone, tablet PC or laptop). You only need internet access. Participation is possible in hop-on and hop-off mode. That means you can also train for only 5 or 10 minutes and then continue later.


What is the schedule for each Audit Grand Slam Tournament?

  • On the kick-off day at 20th October 2023, there will be an opening event online with presentations from audit experts and an introduction to the Audit Grand Slam Tournament. You will also receive a CPE certificate of participation for the presentations on audit methodology topics.

  • During the event, you will be able to follow your ranking and the complete ranking table for each of the Audit Grand Slam tournaments live. Each participant automatically receives a nickname/alias which is visible in the ranking table. Only names of the top performers are directly visible in social media publications. Your friends, teammates and family can see your success on social media on LinkedIn and on the website here and cheer you on.

  • At the end of each Audit Grand Slam tournament, there will be an awards ceremony. The Top 3 MVP and the Top 3 Internal Audit Teams will be honoured. In addition, there will be audit methodology presentations as part of the awards event.


Which Gamified trainings do I benefit from?

  • The European Audit Grand Slam includes the following 14 trainings

  • Plus the individual European Audit Grand Slam Tournament Training

  • Plus 1 Ethics Training with 2 CPE

  • The gamified trainings are available in up to 15 languages. All Serious Business Game Trainings are available in English, French, Spanish and German. Further languages are Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Chinese, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian.

  • Currently registration for the reduced preferential price of 195,- Euro / US-Dollar.

Take action quickly to make sure you get the maximum access!


#Overview Audit GamfiedTraining

European Audit Championship Training Package:


Accelerate Audit Team Performance Learning Path:

  • Ariana | Root-Cause Analysis and better decisions
    How to make better decisions during your internal audit engagements?

  • Countdown | Productive Remote Teamwork
    How to work more efficiently and goal-oriented in audit remote teams?

  • Crypto | IT-Security and Defense of Social Engineering
    Fit for Cyber Security? How can I, as an auditor, increase my fundamental knowledge in the area of defense against social engineering?

  • Titan | Audit Team Motivation
    How can you motivate your audit team to perform at their best?

  • Triskelion | Better Time and Engagement Management
    How can I complete my audit engagements on time with better time management?

  • ADA | Emerging Risk Audit Assessment Techniques
    How can we identify also weak risk signals on the audit risk radar screen?

  • Exclusive | ESG Assurance
    Get ESG insights and test your ESG audit knowledge in an exciting adventure


Strengthen your Audit Soft Skills Learning Path:

  • Allegro | Reach your goals effectively
    How to make better decisions during your internal audit engagements?

  • Chocolate | Influence and persuasion
    How do I manage to convince the auditees of my proposed solutions SOS | Emotion management
    How can I better mitigate an emotional topic and take the emotion out of an audit interview or audit exit meeting??

  • Tiki | Better and effective meetings
    How can I increase the output of my audit interviews and audit team meetings more effectively?

  • DEX| Emotional Intelligence for audit
    Emotional intelligence an important success factor for daily audit work

  • Zulu | Successful nonverbal communication
    How can I better read and interpret non-verbal communication during audit interviews?


Audit Ethics Learning Path:

  • Inclusion| Gender Equality
    How to understand inequalities caused by gender stereotypes, roles, and biases and what impact they have?

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