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Dr. Dominik Foerschler, The Institute of Internal Auditors Luxembourg, Professional development for Internal auditors, Learning center for internal auditors, Internal audit training, Conférence for internal auditors, Understanding risk management

Dr. Dominik Foerschler

Managing Director | Senior Equity Partner
Audit Research Center | ARC-Institute

Chairman of the Digital Transformation Board

Dr. Dominik Foerschler awarded by Richard Chambers as one of the Top 12 influencers as Global Internal Audit Thought Leader.

In over 25 years of professional experience at Deutsche Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank CIBC and BMW in responsible management positions, with international assignments in Toronto, Chicago, New York, Madrid and London, Dominik is today the author of numerous expert books and articles in the field of Internal Audit, GRC and human resources development in renowned professional journals as well as the editor of a book series.

After holding various management positions and working as executive assistant to the President of the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany and faculty member of the Management Research Center; Dominik now heads the Audit Research Center | ARC Institute as Managing Director. As Chairman of the Digital Transformation Board, he is also responsible for the development of new learning methods such as serious business games training as well as the developed Digital Stress Test as an audit methodology concept, which has become very well-known across Europe.

The metaverse is the next current stage of the Internet. This results in new business opportunities for companies as well as customer processes. These new production and customer processes are part of the new audit map. In addition, developments in augmented reality in conjunction with the metaverse enable a new working environment for collaboration in the company's own audit teams as well as for all employees in the company.

In order to be at the cutting edge as an internal auditor and to develop the audit universe optimally and with foresight, it is important to understand the concepts and new work processes of the Metaverse. In doing so, Internal Audit can constructively support management and the Board of Directors in new projects and investments in the Metaverse with pre-implementation audits and appropriate risk assessments.

After the presentation, you will know the opportunities and risks that the developments around the metaverse offer for your company. In addition, you will learn about the opportunities for your audit team to work together.

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