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Rick Serrano

Head of Knowledge Management & Coaching at Generali Luxembourg

Rick Serrano is an international public speaker and an executive coach. He works as Head of Knowledge Management & Coaching at Generali Luxembourg.

Rick is an MBA from the Harvard Business School, and a certified coach by the University of Cambridge. Rick coaches people in various countries in Europe and the Americas. He has more than 12 years of studies in Philosophy at various universities.

He's the author of the book "Next Destination, go" and the creator of "The Luxembourg Model of Innovation" and "The Luxembourg Model of Governance" as well as "The Picky Picky Cherry Picking Theory".

Rick is a founding member of "The Luxembourg Freedom Initiative" a non-profit fighting modern slavery. He also sits on the Board of the organization "Amis de l'Université du Luxembourg" and of the "International Kunstverein Luxembourg".

Rick has always been an active painter, having exhibited in various cities in Europe; he is the creator of the art exhibition "The Limits of our World" and also of the exhibition "Pasión Espanola" currently on display at House 17, in Luxembourg.


Rick lives with his wife Begona, and their four children, in Luxembourg since 2019.

Title of session: Diversity and Inclusion - Lessons from the Little Prince


In 1943, French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry published "The Little Prince" and since then, the book has sold more than 200 million copies and has been translated to more than 300 languages, captivating more than 400 million readers in its 75 years of existence. Its unique and strange young protagonist can teach us valuable lessons for life. He presents us intriguing questions on the simplest, yet deepest topics of our existence. What can we learn from the Little Prince? among many other things, the importance of diversity and inclusion, but much more than that .... Participants will leave with new insights on the matter but seen from a different perspective; they will be challenged to think beyond the obvious and invited to ask themselves the truly important questions of life. 

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