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Hybrid Lunch - Conference 

Promoting Ethics through Design:

 - Embracing Slow Thinking in a Fast-Paced (Bussines World) -

When: 28 June from 11:45 to 14:00


  • For in-person attendees , the conference will take place at IIA Luxembourg Office, 4 Op de Leemen L-5846 Fentange

  • For virtual attendees, the conference will follow the in-person programme with virtual room connected to the physical room. Streams in the virtual room will follow the in-person talks.

Deadline to register: 22 June 2023

CPE Hours : 2


There are many definitions of ethics, morals, or ethos, but in philosophy, they all aim to promote a flourishing life of individuals and communities “with and for others in just institutions”, as Paul Ricœur put it. In the business context however, ethics mainly refers to behaviours that comply with established values or codes of conduct.


Internal auditing can play a significant role in fostering a culture of ethical reflection that goes beyond mere compliance. By promoting a proactive approach to ethics and the concept of "ethics by design", organisations can integrate ethical considerations right from the outset into their corporate cultures, work processes, or digital & AI applications.


This culture of ongoing ethical reflection becomes even more crucial in our current civilisation, which Yuval Noah Harari says is already hacked by artificial intelligence. Algorithms and deep learning AI models that power applications like ChatGPT provide new ways of committing and detecting fraud or cheating.

Conference programme

 - Ethics, Morals, Ethos, and Compliance:

  • Definitions and Open Questions

 - Internal Auditing in the Context of AI / ML:

  • Fast and Slow Thinking

 - Ethics by design:

  •  Meaningful Work for Flourishing Humans

 - Q&A Session


Speaker, Dr. Erny Gillen



                             Dr. Erny Gillen (*1960) has a extensive national and international                                              experience in building and leading organisations ethically.

                In  addition to his governance and management roles (with Caritas in Luxembourg, Europe and internationally, other NGO’s, Church administration and businesses like the Luxemburger Wort), Erny taught ethics in Luxembourg and Freiburg i. Br. where he was awarded the prestigious “Landeslehrpreis” award in 2001. Since starting his Moral Factory endeavour in 2016, he has successfully accompanied businesses and public administrations in upgrading their ethical standards to meet today's ambitions and needs. A full biography and list of publications can be found at his website 







​A certificate of participation will be provided on request to participants who have fully attended the conference.


Best regards,

IIA Luxembourg 

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