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Date : 25 September 2024

Timing : 9:00 - 16:00 (30 min lunch break)

Language : English

CPE Points : 7

Deadline to register : 16 September 2024

Instructor : John Chesshire

Online Training



Navigating the new Global Internal Audit Standards: All you need to know as an IA professional


The new Global Internal Audit Standards aim to raise the bar for internal audit services across the world. They represent the most significant change in the profession for at least the last 25 years. Are you ready for this?!


What do the Global Internal Audit Standards mean for us? What has changed? Where - and how - is the bar raised? What will we need to do to conform with the new challenges and opportunities that these present us – as internal audit teams and internal auditors – going forward?


This course aims to provide answers to some of these questions in an interactive and participative forum and to assist you in planning effectively for the formal ‘go live’ date of January 2025.


Who should attend?

This course has been designed to be relevant to internal auditors, audit managers and chief audit executives, as well as key stakeholders such as audit committee members, with varying levels of practical experience of internal audit.

It is of most relevance to those involved in reviewing and - potentially - amending their internal audit practices to help ensure ongoing conformance with best practices for the internal audit profession.


Course programme

A blend of theoretical, technical, discursive, and practical approaches covering:

  • The structure and nuances of the Global Internal Audit Standards
  • Significant similarities and differences with the International Professional Practices Framework
  • Purpose of Internal Auditing
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Governing the Internal Audit Function
  • Managing the Internal Audit Function
  • Performing Internal Audit Services
  • Practical conformance challenges
  • Additional resources


The course includes facilitator input, topical examples, short practical discussions and exercises to reinforce the learning and build upon your existing knowledge.


IIA Global CPE competency areas covered

Professionalism (Professional development)

Leadership and Communication (Internal audit strategic planning and management)

Leadership and Communication (Quality Assurance and Improvement Program)


John Chesshire, CFIIA, QIAL, CRMA, CIA, CISA, has over 24 years' experience working in the internal audit, risk management, business improvement and governance fields. John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute in the UK, an Independent Internal Audit Committee Chair, and was Chief Assurance Officer for the States of Guernsey until the start of 2021. He has delivered many well-received courses to IIA Luxembourg in the past, as well as to many other European Institutes of Internal Auditors.

His other recent clients include FTSE listed companies, multinationals, central and local government, law enforcement, charities, professional services companies, and international organisations such as NATO, the OECD, and UN Agencies. He is a principal examiner for the Institute of Risk Management and has been a visiting lecturer in the Governance and Assurance Hub at Birmingham City University.

He loves internal audit, is a great friend of IIA Luxembourg and particularly enjoys working in new and emerging areas of assurance interest.
































Navigating the new Global IA Standards: All you need to know as an IA profession

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