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Dates : 11- 12 March 2024

The training is 2x1/2 day from 9:30 to 12:30

Deadline to register : 8 March 2024

CPE Points : 7

Instructor: Dr. Dominik FoerschlerManaging Director | Senior Equity PartnerAudit Research Center | ARC-Institute


Empowering Business Auditors: Mastering Data Analytics for Effective Auditing

- Enhance Audit Skills and Collaboration with Data Analytics Experts -


Training description and goals

In today's data-driven business landscape, traditional business auditors are faced with the challenge of integrating data analytics into their audit processes. Our IIA Luxembourg seminar on "Empowering Business Auditors" is designed to bridge this gap and equip auditors with the knowledge and skills they need to effectively work with data analytics tools and specialists. This IIA Luxembourg audit training empowers business auditors to become proficient in using data analytics for more effective and insightful audits. Whether you're an experienced business auditor looking to enhance your skills or new to the world of data analytics, this training will equip you with the knowledge and practical tools to excel in the data-driven audit environment and collaborate seamlessly with data analytics specialists. Join us to transform your auditing skills and stay ahead of the curve in the digital age.

• Develop proficiency in using descriptive statistical methods for auditing.

• Strengthen collaboration with data analytics experts.

• Understand the role of data in modern audit practices.

• Improve data-driven decision-making in auditing.

• Learn practical techniques and strategies for audit data analytics.



1. Introduction to Data-Driven Auditing

• Understanding the importance of data in modern auditing.

• Overview of the audit data analytics landscape.

2. Descriptive Statistical Methods for Auditors

• Mastering statistical tools for data analysis in auditing.

• Identifying key data indicators and their significance.

3. Collaboration with Data Analytics Specialists

• Building effective communication with data experts.

• Working together on data-driven audit projects.

4. Data-Driven Decision-Making

• Using data insights to make informed audit decisions.

• Case studies on data-driven audit success stories

5. Data Collection and Validation

• Techniques for collecting and validating data for audits.

• Ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

6. Practical Applications of Audit Data Analytics

• Practical examples from peer internal audit departments

• Applying data analytics in real-world audit scenarios.

7. Audit Reporting and Data Visualization

• Presenting audit findings using data visualization techniques.

• Communicating data insights effectively to stakeholders.

8. Common conclusion and outlook

• Summary for your team in an audit road map

• Outlook for what you should prepare for in the next few years

Empowering Business Auditors: Mastering Data Analytics for Effective Auditing

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