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Why become an IIA Luxembourg member?

As a member of IIA Luxembourg you can benefit from:

Membership fees

Individual Membership (annual fee per member)

Individual member                                  280 EUR

First year fee for every new member     90 EUR

Student member                                        45 EUR

Retired member                                         60 EUR

Corporate Membership (annual fee per member)

Group  from 2 to 5 members               180 EUR 

Group  from 6 to 10 members             150 EUR

Group from 11 to 24 members            120 EUR

Group of more than 25 members          90 EUR

* Membership period is one year and starts on 1 January till 31 December.

* New membership requests submitted as from 1 November are not invoiced and free until 31 December. The individual membership will automatically be renewed for the following year and the first year membership fee becomes  payable.

For changes in your existing membership, please fill in the form below.

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