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Smart Learning |

Get access to 52+ Gamified Audit Training

With up to 300 CPE over 12 months.

The IIA Luxembourg and ARC Institute are pleased to present a Special offer for IIA Luxembourg members:


IIA Members only: 2 licenses for the cost of 1 = 445 EUR per training licence (50% discount).

Order time by Friday 30th June 2023 at the latest.

Licence normal price: 890 EUR 



In a world of digital transformation, new forms of language, expression and communication are necessary, but also new structures of learning and thinking, whose characteristics are not linear but interconnected. It is precisely this kind of thinking that is encouraged by Gamified Training in the simulations of Serious Business Game Trainings.

In this context, there is growing pressure in the adult education sector to find forms that are appropriate to this new learning culture in a multimedia environment. This also includes the linking of digital learning offers in the auditing sector. This is a challenge that companies as a whole and internal audit departments in particular, must face up to early on and to an increasing extent.

Based on McKinsey research studies, Serious Business Game Simulations are the best way to prepare employees for a digital future and to take the first important steps towards the metaverse.

At the same time, this training offer also includes 3 ethics training with 2 ethics CPE each, so you automatically fulfil the training obligations arising from the IPPF for your Internal Audit staff.


What are the advantages for you and your team?

  • Get access to 300+ CPEs in 2023 and 2024 | Use the 52+ gamified trainings during a 12-month term.

  • On demand | For you to choose, anytime, anywhere at your personal learning speed.

  • Learning must be FUN! | More engaging learning yields more motivation.

  • Experiential learning | You get instant takeaway of knowledge for use in the workplace.

  • Smart Learning | The Internal Auditors of today require changing competencies.

  • Technology is a game changer | Serious Business Game Training permits for global learning in multiple languages. All Gamified trainings are always available in English, Spanish, French and German. In addition, we already offer numerous in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, and Russian.


A unique learning experience! Think outside the box, learn SMART in disruptive times of digital transformation.

In addition, you can also be enrolled for the upcoming Audit Championship that will take place in October 2023. 

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To get a first impression and a concise overview of the simulations:

How do you make it work? What are the IT requirements?

  • The only thing you need is an end device with internet access, to use the business game training.

  • You can access our performance-optimised business game platform at any time, from anywhere in the world via your individual user profile.

  • The transfer performance is technically fastest with Google Chrome, or Firefox. Any internet browser will work well.

  • For better performance and greater learning experience, please clear your cache memory in the internet browser in advance.

  • You can re-join at any time and also just train for 5 mins and return at the last spot in a hop-on, hop-off modus.

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