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Forgotten, required, struggled, solved - Ethical dilemmas of internal auditors

Internal Auditors play a critical role in providing independent and objective assurance that is designed to add value and improve an organisation´s operations. At the same time, their role is getting more and more challenging: by increasing complexity and uncertainty, and often by running a tight ship.

In such a challenging environment Internal Auditors more than ever must ensure that they build and keep the trust of their clients, in order that the auditor´s assessments build a sound basis for an organisation´s challenges ahead. With all the inherent ethical pitfalls of an Internal Auditor´s role, they must work on the basis of strict ethical principles, such as being defined by the IIA´s Code of Ethics.

This 60 minute webinar equips you with an understanding of the concept of ethical blind spots, practical examples of where ethics can be at stake in internal audit, requirements for internal auditors to uphold ethical standards, and tips for ethical decision-taking for effectively navigating ethical dilemmas.


Conference programme

  • Ethics forgotten – theoretical background of ethical “white spots”

  • Ethics required – what the internal standards – old and new – say on ethics

  • Ethics struggled – practical examples ethical dilemmas in internal audit

  • Ethics solved – tips for ethical decision making



Ursula Schmidt, Independent advisor, schmidt advisory

Ursula has 20+ years of broad cross-cultural experience in internal auditing, compliance, governance and controlling. She is former Executive Vice President, Audit & Compliance, RTL Group. In her role she led the internal audit and compliance practice and together with her team investigated compliance cases and ran a multitude of audit projects in over 30 countries worldwide. Prior to taking over the audit & compliance practice she held senior positions in strategy and controlling at RTL Group and served as chairman of the audit committee of Channel Five for several years.

After having helped operations in 30+ countries in setting up compliance frameworks and internal controls, risk management and anti-fraud processes, Ursula launched her own business in 2021 to share her passion and broad experience in everything "Controls, Audit & Compliance" with her clients internationally. She is also serving as independent director on the Board of a Luxembourg public limited company and is member of the Board of the IIA Luxembourg chapter. Ursula holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Nuremberg and is certified CCEP-Int.


Ursula Schmidt

Inscription deadline

8 December


Day : 13/12/2023​

12h00 - 13h15

CPE Credits: 2


Member 35 EUR 

Non-member 45 EUR






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