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Effective Agile Internal Auditing

Course Description

As internal auditors we are familiar with our existing internal audit methodologies and engagements that take considerable time to complete from start to finish. We often then have difficulty getting real buy-in from management to our report, findings and recommendations. Effective agile internal auditing can help.


Working more efficiently, and in closer partnership with management, we can use effective agile internal auditing to develop a clearer understanding of the subject we are reviewing.


We can also use agile auditing techniques to obtain clear insight on the real, underlying causes of governance, risk management and control issues in a more efficient, client-focused way. This can lead us to evaluate and propose robust solutions to improve risk management and control, and increase management acceptance of our recommendations.


This course will equip you with the skills and confidence to conduct your own professional, effective agile internal audits as well as providing a strategic, informative overview of this fascinating and topical subject.


Who should attend?

Heads of internal audit, internal audit managers, senior internal auditors and internal auditors involved in planning and providing assurance on governance, risk management and control. It is particularly relevant for those wanting to add greater value and deliver enhanced insight through more efficient, quicker assurance engagements.


Course Programme

This course will take you through the following learning steps:

 What is agile and agile auditing?

  • What are the benefits?

  • The theory of agile auditing

  • Internal audit engagements - how to make them agile

  • An overview of different agile techniques

  • How to achieve success with agile auditing

  • Challenges and risks to avoid in practice


The course includes facilitator input, short practical discussions and a small number of task-based exercises (covering agile techniques) to reinforce the methods you have learned and build upon existing knowledge.

CPE competency areas covered

  • Professionalism (Due professional care)

  • Leadership and Communication (Internal audit strategic planning and management)

  • Performance (Engagement planning)


John Chesshire 

John Chesshire, CFIIA, QIAL, CIA, CISA, has over 22 years' experience working in the internal audit, risk management, business improvement and governance fields. John is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute in the UK, is an Independent Internal Audit Committee Chair and has recently been Chief Assurance Officer for the States of Guernsey. 


He has delivered many well-received courses to several European Institutes of Internal Auditors and his other recent clients include FTSE listed companies, multinationals, central and local government, law enforcement, international charities, professional services companies, and international organisation such as NATO, the OECD and UN Agencies. 


He is a principal examiner for the Institute of Risk Management and has been a visiting lecturer in the Governance and Assurance Hub at Birmingham City University. He loves internal audit and particularly enjoys working in new and emerging areas of assurance interest.



John Chesshire


Day : 26/07/2023

09.00 - 16.00 (with 30min lunch break)

Deadline to register: 19/07/2023

CPE Credits : 6


Member 500 EUR 

Non-member 575 EUR






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