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Effective use of ChatGPT, LLM along the internal audit process

- Use the power of ChatGPT, productivity enhancement for every sub-process of the audit –


Increase your daily audit productivity! Dive into the fascinating world of effective use of ChatGPT in internal auditing. Make your daily auditing work easier with this advanced language model.

In our audit training, you will be introduced to how ChatGPT works and how this powerful model was developed. You will understand how it was trained and what data sources were used to create a model based on an amazing wealth of practical usable knowledge.

Discover the many possible use cases along the audit value chain. Learn how it works appropriately and find out more about proven best practices to optimise your audit results and audit procedures.


  1. The internal audit in the digital transformation

    • Digitalisation and Internal Audit

    • Lean audit techniques for more efficiency

    • Actively shaping digital transformation in auditing

  2. Understanding ChatGPT

    • Background to the model ChatGPT as an advanced language model

    • Large Language Model (LLM) what is behind it? And how does it work?

    • Highlighting the many possible applications of ChatGPT

  3. How ChatGPT works

    • Explanation of the model training and data source

    • Description of the GPT architecture model and its capabilities

  4. Integration of ChatGPT into the internal audit process

    • Discussion of the challenges and opportunities in integrating ChatGPT along the audit sub-processes

    • Tips for optimising interactions with the model

    • Approaches to improve the quality and reliability of the generated responses

    • Ethical considerations and possible risks when using ChatGPT

  5. Best practices for the use of ChatGPT along the audit value chain

    • Design of the audit universe

    • Effective use in risk analysis, audit risk assessment

    • Preparation of audit guidelines

    • Analysis control design rethought in the context of process auditing

    • Systematic selection of analytical audit procedures and appropriate sample

    • Anticipatory audit interview approach

    • Faster and error-free preparation of the audit report

  6. Audit live demonstration and practical exercises

    • Conducting a live demonstration of the use of ChatGPT in an application

    • Interactive exercises where participants can experiment with ChatGPT themselves and ask questions

  7. Joint summary and outlook

    • Conclusion and practical guide

    • Outlook for the use of Generic AI in Internal Audit


Bio Trainer

Dr. Dominik Foerschler

awarded by Richard Chambers as one of the Top 12 influencers as Global Internal Audit Thought Leader.

In over 25 years of professional experience at Deutsche Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank CIBC and BMW in responsible management positions, with international assignments in Toronto, Chicago, New York, Madrid and London, Dominik is today the author of numerous expert books and articles in the field of Internal Audit, GRC and human resources development in renowned professional journals as well as the editor of a book series.

After holding various management positions and working as executive assistant to the President of the University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany and faculty member of the Management Research Center; Dominik now heads the Audit Research Center | ARC Institute as Managing Director. As Chairman of the Digital Transformation Board, he is also responsible for the development of new learning methods such as serious business games training as well as the developed Digital Stress Test as an audit methodology concept, which has become very well-known across Europe.


Dr. Dominik Foerschler 

Day: 13/10/2023​


08.30 - 15.30 

10.30 - 15 min break

lunch break : 12.00 - 13.00

Deadline to register: 10/10/2023

CPE Credits: 7


Member 500 EUR 

Non-member 650 EUR





IIA Luxembourg office

4 Op de Leemen L-5846 Fentange

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