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Christian Quincke

Regional Head Global Assurance Europe & BANC / Head Global SOX Coordination, ArcelorMittal

Christian Quincke is a qualified to the German BAR) has more than 20 years of International & Cross-Cultural experience in Internal Audit in Sox, working in different countries Europe, Africa and CIS and short projects in North America. He is currently the Europe and BANC Regional Head of Audit, Sox Compliance and Forensic Services at ArcelorMittal, next to being the Head of Global Sox Coordination at ArcelorMittal. After qualifying as lawyer and / judge (2nd State Examination) in Germany, he previously progressively held different auditing leadership positions in KPMG and ArcelorMittal, next to a rotation into the business (HR) for several year, during which he continued to lead SOX Compliance in ArcelorMittal.


In his most recent role he has led the transformation of Global Assurance, including various initiatives in digitalization, data analytics and COVID-19 response in Europe, including establishing Global Assurance teams on key sites across Europe and is currently leading the strengthening of the Global Assurance in BANC.

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